The Spring marathons are always a nervous time for the coach, even though I try not to show it!  Marathon plans last longer and all the training works towards just one day
Brighton marathon…Hazel, I  was proud of the result.
By following Colin‘s plan, I managed to see an improvement in the foot problems and carry on training for a marathon. Yes, I would have liked to do better than finish 25 minutes over last years time but, on the other hand, there is a lot that can happen in 26.2 miles..
Manchester was a day for massive improvements.
Carl |Aveyard  New best of 2  hours 52 mins 24 seconds,  a 20 minute improvement.
Dave Kingston  New best of 3 hours 10 mins 16 secs  a 27 minute improvement.
And so onto London
Heath Mountford  New Best 4 hours 18 mins 27 seconds a 50 minute improvement
Emma Hodges, Janet Glover and Karen Foreman all first time marathoners ran together which I think is incredibly difficult to do as running your own pace is so much easier.  They finished in 5 hours 35 mins and 6 seconds cross the line together, just amazing.
Thanks to our fabulous coach Colin Lancaster for the training, support and encouragement, it was awesome.  thanks for all your effort you put in….Think its time to relax and recover like those who ran at Brighton, Manchester and  London.