Colin has experience of leading training sessions for running clubs including track based sessions:

• Training for the marathon
• Training principles.
• Ideal training paces and an introduction to energy systems.

Each session lasts 75 minutes and includes a practical element modelling an ideal warm up, co-ordination drills and technique for speed. This is followed by a coached session based on specific requirements chosen from above and an indoor question and answer hour, as there are usually lots of questions!

And hill based sessions:

These sessions take place in Little Stretton and aim to improve confidence and technique in down hill running. Each session includes 45 minutes where Colin leads a discussion on what makes a good downhill runner and highlights key techniques. This is followed by a trip to the ‘nursery slopes’ on the Longmynd to practise co-ordination and technique before an optional ‘black run’ to finish! Tea and chocolate cake provided.

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