The Autumn marathons are over.  Results are in and show that knowing your running paces and running chatty really work. 

Susan Bowes came to me with a marathon PB of 5hrs exactly and has now run 4 hrs 15mins and broken all her under distance records. Scott Wood had done 3 hrs 47mins before starting his programme and has just completed Chester in 3hrs 6mins.  Thomas Vaughan came home 4th at Chester in his first marathon with 2 hrs 34mins.

This marathon success is achieved as I teach runners to recognise the different training paces. They learn to recognise each pace by what it feels like and what happens to the body as they run.  Once taught these paces, nearly everyone has to slow down in training. Faster strides of ten seconds duration are included every week. Communication between runner and coach is important, so I welcome feedback at any time and include longer weekly discussions which help me to slowly progress the training.  Three-week plans cost £10 a week and will include an introductory session on training paces. If you think this could help you contact me at

If you think your club would benefit from this approach to training, I am happy to talk with all ability training groups, including beginners, about training principles and how ‘Chatty Sparkly Running’ works.  Sessions include a 75minute running practical followed by a 45minute talk.

Shropshire Fitness is the home of ‘Chatty Sparkly Running’ and Colin is a Level 3 Endurance Coach who is involved in coach education for England and Welsh Athletics and is the UK Tutor for the Lydiard Foundation.